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Why RP Stand?

Our stand is durable, sturdy, lightweight — its efficient design guarantees optimal heat distribution. It is compatible with any size burner and it comes equipped with wind protection. The stand is designed with ease in mind, making it simple to assemble and level.


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Product Comparison

RP Stand Traditional burner stands
RP Stand Can be used with virtually any size burner
Traditional burner stands They are designed to only be used with certain sizes of burners, depending on the weight and size of the paella
RP Stand Holds weight to cook a paella for up to 200 people safely
Traditional burner stands They hold very limited weight
RP Stand Levels easily and very accurately with just one foot
Traditional burner stands It is dangerous, difficult, or impossible to level the paella once it is placed on the burner, especially when ingredients have been added or the flame is lit
RP Stand Protects the stove from wind. Paella burners are very sensitive to wind
Traditional burner stands Offers no wind protection
RP Stand It is very stable, lightweight and durable!
Traditional burner stands Not very stable and can be dangerous
RP Stand Saves energy by reflecting the heat back to the pan
Traditional burner stands Much of the heat from the flames of the gas stove is reflected from the pan to the floor. This reduces the efficiency of the stove and wastes heat and fuel
RP Stand Helps distribute heat from the stove evenly throughout the paella pan
Traditional burner stands The pans are heated unevenly

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About RP Stand

The RP Stand is a versatile, sturdy, and lightweight accessory designed to provide a safe and efficient cooking experience in outdoor environments. It is easy to assemble, and the adjustable legs make it easy to level on uneven terrain.

The tripod’s universal design allows it to accommodate different size burners, maximize fuel efficiency by preventing heat loss and shielding the flame from the wind. Made from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, this tripod is built to last and can withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Overall, it is a reliable and essential tool for any outdoor cooking adventure.